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During the restrictions caused by COVID-19, Magic-Languages will be offering support and online classes to families and students that have been affected by school closures and class cancellations.



  • Online classes are now available for our current students and new students. Click here for more information.
  • Daily resources will be shared with parents interested in practicing the second language through songs, printable activities, reading and games with their children. Please revisit this page for an updated resource list.

Some tips for our online live sessions and activities:

  • Necessary material: This can include a computer, internet access, and a printer. We recommend doing the classes from a computer, tablet or television instead of a phone for quality and focus for children.
  • Distraction-free zone: Avoid setting up their space in a high-traffic or loud area of the house, like the kitchen.
  • Comfortable surroundings: Make sure they have enough room and a cozy place to sit so that they can focus undisturbed.  Chose a place in the house where your child will have space to move as well.
  • Idea: Set up a yoga mat, small chair or a place a color paper or 4 of them in order to create the area where your child can sit or stay most part of the class. The idea is to have a designated area where the child is invited to stay.
  • Have the material recommended for the session: The activity of the day printed (if possible) or a piece of white paper and some crayons, music instruments like drums, percussion instruments, bells, shake toys for the little ones.