Our music program for young children (1 year to 4 years old) is offered to promote language learning in a fun environment. Children are exposed to the new language through traditional and vocabulary building songs, dance, and props, such as puppets, instruments, parachute, lullabies and more.

Through the songs we will work on different subjects such us colors, weather and nature, animals, parts of the face and body, days of the week, opposites, fruits and vegetables, salutations and basic words, etc.

Every class includes festive visual aids and surprises, that contribute to create an excited atmosphere where children are engaged and having fun participating and singing the songs in the new language.

Our amazing native teachers will transmit the language in a fun way and help the students absorb the artistic, charming and lively culture that comes with the language.

Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Music program at Love Me Do

Music program at Hey Kiddo

Music Program at Mooredale

You can also create a group at your home if you have a minimum of four children. Please contact us for more information at info@magic-languages.com or 647-766-2363. We offer a discount for the host