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Sample Content

Posted 21 Nov 2016

Please find below a sample of activities and content we offer for parents to practice at home.

This sample French content features first a video then a song and finally a sample of the vocabulary children learn in our classes and that we encourage parents to practice at home with them.

Video Content:



Choice the language, the level and start to familiarize the children with the rhythm and cadence of the new language. These sample contents are amazing to learn colors:

La flor de colores – Level 1 (SP)          La fleur colorée – Level 1 (FR)            La flor de colores – Level 2 (SP)        La fleur colorée – Level 2 (FR)



Have a look with your children and start to learn colors and shapes with our videos!

Spanish Video:


French video:



Magic-Languages has a spotifly playlist! Listen the songs that we practice in our classes Level 1 & 2:

Spanish Playlist:


French Playlist: