French and Spanish Music ProgramFrench and Spanish Regular ProgramAfter School Program
For infants, toddlers, preschoolers, J and SK studentsFor Preschoolers, JK and SK studentsFrom grade 1 to grade 12
Second language through musicSecond language through arts and craft, games, songs, dancing and other fun activitiesMinimum one hour per week
All material providedIntroduction to litteracy and cultureOne teacher per 8 students
One teacher per 12 studentsAll material providedAll material provided
Minimum one hour per weekOne teacher per 6 studentsRate varies according to the school
From $100-$150 per hourMinimum one hour per week 
 Parents/teachers Guide 
 Classroom kit with material to practice 
 From $20-$25 per hour per student 

Some of the schools and child care centres where we teach: