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Important: Please contact us to confirm that your location is in our service area before registering for any of our private programs.

Welcome to Magic-Languages!

This page will help you register for all our available private programs. If your children are already Magic-Languages students, you can sign-up for the programs directly by clicking on one of the option below.

Are you new to Magic-Languages?

  • If you would like to sign-up your children and you are new to Magic-Languages, we require that you complete a registration form before signing-up to any of our programs. You only need to do this once. You can return the completed registration form by email at info@magic-languages.com, by mail or give it to the teacher on the first day of class.
    Magic-Languages registration form: Registration Form – Magic-Languages

All our programs can be registered with the content fee included in the price. If you signed-up to a program without the content, please click here to pay only for the content, which include the Parents Guide, Songs Book and our online content.

Private Program – Trial Lessons

Magic-Languages can send our teachers to your home. You can try our Private Program before signing-up. Please note that you can only try a maximum of two lessons before signing-up.

*Reserved for new students only.




Private Program – Package Deals

Magic-Languages can send our teachers to your home. You can start our Private Program in the convenience of your home. As with the Full Program, we will offer one lesson per week (or more if you wish) and provide all the necessary material and access to our digital content on our website in order to practice regularly at home. Please choose the language, the age level and the number of children. We offer the following discount for additional children and the prices are adjusted according to the number of children in your group for four lessons: 1 child – 45$/lesson, 2 children – 75$/lesson, 3 children – 100$/lesson, 4 children – 120$/lesson, 5 children – 140$/lesson. When registering for a Private Program, you must register for multiples of 10 weeks (10 lessons). For individual lessons, please see below. When you sign-up for 10 or more weeks and you are the host of a semi-private group of at least 4 students, you get a 50% discount. Please note that this discount cannot be combined with any other discounts or deals and is applicable only for one student.



Private Program – Individual Lessons

If our 10 weeks package is not convenient for you, there is also the possibility of doing private lessons and paying for each lesson. There is also a discount for multiple children in the group: 1st child – 60$/lesson, 2nd child – 50$/lesson, 3rd child – 40$/lesson, 4th child – 30$/lesson, 5th child – 20$/lesson.



Private Tutoring for 12 years old and more

We offer private tutoring program for students of 12 years and older on a hourly basis. Our tutoring program will be tailored to the needs and level of the student. Please contact us to confirm the service location before purchasing. One hour private tutoring is $55.



Private Program for Parents and Children

If you would like to learn a second language with your child at the comfort of your home, it is now possible. You can reserve 60 minutes class with our qualified teacher and share it between you and your child. You must reserve for at least four weeks.

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